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the president's gone. what's happening now at sfo connected with the president's trip. information about the safety of pg&e pipelines is coming to a mailbox near you. and i'm paul chambers in san francisco. looking for a parking space could be a headache. thanks to a new app, not anymore. good afternoon. topping our news, president obama has left the bay area and is now in reno.
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this is fresh video just in to our newsroom showing the president at the company that turns heat into energy. the president began his town hall meeting there about 30 minutes ago. during his two day stay here in the bay area the president combined policy talk with some serious fund raising. ktvu's kraig debro is live at san francisco international airport. it looked pretty different there just a short time ago. >> reporter: yeah, it does, tori. but the president's motorcade is here including the limb moes he used while he was in town. they're all headed toward the cun30. the nose up like a garage door. so the motorcade still here. they will move on a little later. just a few minuting a there were police and secret service agents all over this place. president obama's plane took off from sfo around 10:30 this morning. the president is going to reno. he's there now but will be in southern california later this
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afternoon. president obama's last official stop until the bay area the st. regis hotel in san francisco. the democratic national committee held a $35,000 a seat fund raising breakfast. it's not clear if the president saw the protesters who also showed up not to eat breakfast but to exercise their first amendment rights. >> if we want to reduce our deficit, yes, we need to cut spending. but we need shared sacrifice. and that means ending the tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of americans in this country. we can afford it. >> reporter: at the knob hill masonic center last night the president told the friendly crowd taxing the rich is one way to balance the budget: the president also urged supporters to be open to cutting social programs especially if taxpayer dollars going into those programs are being wasted. republicans see the president's message of shared responsibility in more stark terms. >> when is government going to take its share of the blame for growing too much and wasting too much money? so shared responsibility that's
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code for we're not going to cut back on government. >> reporter: at facebook yesterday, the president pushed a similar message at a town hall style forum streamed live. the 2012 presidential election is already looking like it will be a battle over which candidate can convince the public he or she is more serious about deficit reduction. >> nothing is easier than solving a problem on the backs of of people who are poor or people who are powerless or don't have lobbiests or don't have clout. [ applause ] >> reporter: following a stop in reno mr. obama travels to los angeles for two more political fundraisers. if only our federal budget was as fiscally sound as political campaigns. reporting live at sfo, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. thank you, kraig. here is the president's schedule for the rest of the day. after the town hall meeting in reno about 90 minutes from now the president flies back to california to los angeles
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arriving at 2:45 p.m. this evening at 5:30 mr. obama will speak at a democratic event. after that he has another appearance at the tavern restaurant. we'll have more on the president's trip through the west coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. you can also go to and see more clips from the president's fundraiser events last night. this week some customers of pg&e will find a warning in their mailboxes. anyone who lives within a few blocks living near the pipeline will get a letter telling them what to do if they smell a leak or hear hissing or whistling roaring sounds from underground. livermore and fremont each have multiple sites with more in pleasanton, antioch and beneath stanford university. pg&e says they're trying to inform people but not scare them. >> for us this is about rebuilding our trust with our customers. we have taken extensive actions
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and we're on a comprehensive program to enhance the safety of our pipeline system. >> since the san bruno explosion pg&e has faced growing pressure to identify dangerous pipelines. a pedestrian has died after being struck by an am track train in solano county this morning. it happened around 8:20 this morning near the fairfield suggestion soon city am track station. a corridor train headed from auburn to oakland when it hit a man on the tracks just north of the station. the train was held for about an hour and 40 minutes while police investigated the collision. fairfield police say the victim whose name is not being released was a transient. an am track spokesman says the train got back underway about two hours ago. today cal train is expected to vote on a plan to keep all trains running without any service cuts. the agency's expected to come up with alternative ways to close a $3.5 billion budget
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deficit. that may involve borrowing money from its capital fund and delaying maintenance work. they may also raise base fares 25 cents and raise parking fees by $1 starting july 1st. finding a parking spot in san francisco can often be a huge challenge. but like many other things there's now an app for that. paul chambers joins us live to explain how it works. paul. >> reporter: tori, driving as you say can be a nightmare. you never know when you can find a parking spot. but sometimes you hit the lottery. the city wants to make it easier and faster and cut down on emissions when finding a spot. >> by getting you to a parking spot faster. giving you realtime information. we expect you to get into that spot, cut down on emissions and cut down on circling around. >> reporter: how does it work? sensors in the ground. once a person leaves the parking spot that information is sent back that there's an open space. it will not give you the exact location of that spot. it will just say there's a spot available on a particular
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block. only a quarter of the city 26,000 metered spaces and 14 of the 20 city owned parking garages are using this technology. the city hopes to roll it out in other parts of the city over the next year. we know it's against the law to drive with a phone in your hand. and just in case you forgot the app has that part covered. >> we have a warning screen immediately when you turn the application onto warn you about driving and texting and being distracted. >> reporter: if that's not enough if you continue to drive with the app on and you reach a speed of over 10 miles per hour the warning comes on again and you cannot use the system. the app is free of charge but only available on the iphone. however it will be available on the droid and other phones later this year. federal funding paid for about 80% of the phone. back out here live city leaders just wrapping up that press conference right now. i will tell you once again this will be the first of its kind in the world. they're really excited about it. if you want to hear more about this, log onto our website at live in san francisco, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you, paul.
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your iphone and i pad know where you are. and apparently that information is being tracked. at a technology conference in san francisco two researchers said they've discovered a secret tracking feature on the apple devices. this morning we talked to some people outside an apple store in san francisco who were not too concerned about being tracked. but they do think apple should address the rumors. >> if apple came out and were more open about it i think people would relax a little more. >> the two researchers said the devices track the locations of users in unencrypted and unsecured files. and there's no way to remove the data. the researchers say they've asked apple for an explanation but so far have not received a response. today is the deadline for the owner of a vallejo building to fix the leaning structure where its tenants could be forced to leave. tenants avoided eviction in march of last year after the owner submitted emergency plans
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to short structural damage. repair plans were approved in january of this year, but since then city officials say no work has been done and they have not heard from the owner in months. signs have gone up on the sonoma boulevard property warning tenants they'll have to leave if repairs don't start today. bicycle speed limits on the bay area landmark are a hot topic today. it's one of the biggest development projects in bay area history. and it could move closer to approval tonight. meteorologist mark will tell us if we are done with the rain. also. >> it's having something new like this is really special. >> find out the big surprise on young musicians in livermore today.
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today a golden gate bridge district committee is consider a speed limit for bicycles on the bridge. speed often leads to accidents. to help reduce that board members are considering a 10- mile per hour speed limit on sidewalks and 5 miles per hour around bridge towers. violators could get a $100 fine. workers in japan may soon go into the most heavily damaged reactor at the power plant. the robot sent inside indicates radiation levels may be safe enough for workers to fix the
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cooling system. this is video from inside the facility. meanwhile a ban on re-entering the evacuation zone around the plant is now in place. and this effects more than 80,000 people. residents were living within 12 miles of the damaged plant have been grabbing whatever belongings they can before they were forced to leave. in about an hour from now people who live in southern marin should hear a very loud siren as emergency officials test their new tsunami alert. the fire department has installed a new siren on top of its main station to warn people of an emergency. and that could include a tsunami. so just the one that threatened to hit the coast and bay after the japanese earthquake last month. >> they would be directed to turn to thea.m. radio 840 and they would get information on their desired actions. >> the new emergency alert is part of the snap program or siren notification alerting peninsula system to send out
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warnings to people on the peninsula. two people were wounded in the latest violent incident in oakland. police continue to search for suspects in a shooting outside a home on 74th avenue last night. both victims were treated at highland hospital and are expected to survive. one victim drove himself to the hospital. it's still not clear what led up to the shooting. the infant twins found with their mother during a prostitution bust in oakland are in protective custody now. the 25-year-old stockton woman was arrested yesterday for soliciting a police officer. police say the two 1-month-old babies were found in the backseat of a car parked nearby. the woman was charged with three felonies for prostitution, soliciting and child endangerment. police say she has three other young children. in the south bay a former social security administration worker accused of issuing fake social security numbers and cards has agreed to a plea
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deal. 66-year-old rachel was arrested last year and charged with issuing cards to more than 25 people who paid up to $5,000 each in exchange for the plea prosecutors dropped one of two charges. she could still get up to five years in prison when she's sentenced on july 18th. a pioneer in california winery magnet and leading racehorse owner has died. jeff jackson who founded kendall-jackson winery died of cancer last night at age 81. jackson turned the winery into a multimillion dollar empire that became famous for its popular saturday nay. he also owns thundershower bred racehorses including two time horse of the year and sensational philly rachel alexandra. the first major approval of a $1.5 billion development project on treasure island could come this evening. the san francisco planning commission will look over the plans that calls for 8,000
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homes and townhouses, a 450- foot high-rise and a retail area with shops and restaurants. if the commission okays the plan, it will go to the board of supervisors. critics say the plan will have a big impact on the already crowded bay bridge. the brand new neighborhood's expected to add 19,000 people to treasure island's population. an estimated 5,000 of them will be commuting. the proposal also calls for extending bus service on the island and creating ferry service to the area. well, the system that moved across the bay area at least the disturbance that moved across the bay area overnight is now heading to the south. we still have lingering clouds in place but today will be dry. just some hazy sunshine out there and temperatures on the cooler side. upper 50s to the 60s peeking through marin county with san francisco in the distance. still lingering clouds in place and little instability out there across the hills
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especially. kind of puffy white clouds developing. that will be the case for today. wind speeds do pick up. breezy up around 10 to 20 miles an hour. tomorrow increasing high clouds, friday will be dry as well. into the weekend a sun-cloud mix and there's just a chance of a light shower for just one part of your weekend. current numbers updated we're still in the upper 50s across a few neighborhoods here. santa rosa 59. few low 60s to report for fairfield and concord. this was the system that moved across the bay area earlier this morning. we had the showers out there but look what happens as we take this into tomorrow. increasing high clouds. by the weekend this next frontal system moves in from the north. this could generate some rainfall primarily to the north of the bay area, but close enough we bring in the chance of just a very light shower or sprinkle on saturday. the main impacts will be some clouds. we're going to hold onto those clouds for easter but decreasing. we could have partly to mostly cloudy skies for the second half of the weekend. here's our forecast model. put it into motion and you'll notice an increase in the high clouds for tomorrow morning. at least late tomorrow morning into the afternoon hours.
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notice all the significant rainfall. not much of it. it's just outside of the bay area. and then into saturday morning this is what i'm watching. it's not a lot but you can see this ban of showers just offshore. it's close enough. that's why we do bring in that chance of a spotty shower or sprinkle for saturday. and then sunday we are expecting some lingering clouds. 4:00 this afternoon breezy, temperatures upper 50s to the upper 60s. by 7:00 partly cloudy, 55 to right around 60 degrees. patchy fog develops especially for the inland valleys late tonight into early tomorrow morning. here we go temperatures this afternoon coolest locations coast side with a bit of an on shore breeze there. those temperatures only in the upper 50s. the warmest locations out towards san jose and morgan hill and gill roy right around 65, 66 possibly 67 degrees. these temperatures will check in around 3:00 this afternoon. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast. partly cloudy skies for your friday. remember high clouds will be increasing by mid to late afternoon. in the saturday there's the slight chance of a shower favoring the morning hours.
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decreasing probability throughout the day on saturday. on sunday some scattered clouds. and probably some breaks in the clouds out there as well for easter sunday. then a chance of a shower for monday. but, tori, beyond monday into next week we are advertising a warm up. looks like that could be the case by tuesday and wednesday a few neighborhoods approaching the mid-70s. still a ways out and we'll have to keep an eye on the easter egg hunting weather first thing sunday morning. probably just some clouds out there. >> okay. a lot of people keeping an eye on that. any word on what's happening in the mountains? >> out towards the sierra could be light rain showers. temperatures upper 50s to around 60. we're warming up here and they are as well. >> okay. thank you, mark. firefighters in santa cruz county say it could take days to put out a four alarm fire at a produce storage building. the fire at apple growers ice and cold storage started yesterday afternoon about 3:30. the building stores apples and vegetables. smoke filled the area along beach street whered building is located. fierce of an ammonia leak led
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to a shelter in place order for three miles around the building. however no ammonia has been detected. a new audit says san jose's disability retirement program for police and firefighters should be reformed. the san jose mercury news reports the audit found it was too easy for public safety employees to claim disability. according to the audit, police and firefighters retired on service related disability at a higher rate compared to other city workers. but union officials say the rates are not surprising because of the nature of their work. a city council committee reviews the report today. uc berkeley researchers are announcing the results of a study on children and exposure to a dangerous chemical. they tested mexican-american children in the so lianas valley who had higher levels of flame retardant in their systems that almost all other adults and children worldwide. it was seven times higher than children in mexico. and three times higher than their own mothers. they say the exposure probably
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comes from dust released by old furniture. it's a sure sign that food prices are soaring. authorities in florida are investigating a sophisticated ring of tomato bandits. they say thieves stole six tractor-trailer loads of tomatoes and a load of cucumbers and frozen meat last month. the total value of the haul, more than a quarter million dollars. they say thieves responded to ads for truckers. but after picking up their loads they never turned up at their destinations. could have been another ho hum day at school turn into a delightful surprise for some livermore children this morning. >> volunteers from fidelity investments marched into the junction avenue school and handed out 29 brand new musical instruments. there were clarinets, flutes, horns worth more than $25,000. it was a big thrill for the students who usually play on
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old banged up instruments. ♪ [ music ] >> i was so happy. i was thinking oh my gosh i finally get a new instrument. i was so excited because i love to play the flute and it's having something new like this is really special. >> fidelity and the mr. holland's opus foundation donated to help the school expand its music program. a new global survey shows the earth has 657 more barrier islands than previously thought. the researchers used satellite images to come up with a new total of more than 2,000 barrier islands worldwide. the country with the most barrier islands is the united states. and nasa has released this remarkable photo taken by the hubble telescope which has been photographing countless parts of the universe for the past 21 years. they call this combination of stars arp273 but the more
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romantic and artistic say it looks more like a rose blossom. apropos sal to tax a common food product to help schools. and it's a big day for some marine mammals in the bay area. we'll explain why.
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taking a live look at the big board on wall street. stocks continuing their rise today as strong earnings reports lifted big names like apple which is up almost 3%. but some underhemming economic
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data and caution ahead of the long weekend is keeping gains in check. market will be closed tomorrow for good friday. oil right now by the way is up over $112 a barrel. the dow up 26. nasdaq up 14. s&p 500 up 5. taxing soda may generate a lot of money for struggling california schools. that's according to a new study released today by the california center for public health advocacy. researchers say a 1 cent per ounce tax of sodas would raise an estimated $1.4 billion for school districts and pay for childhood obesity programs statewide. locally it would raise $51 million for alameda county schools, $39 million for contra costa county and $63 million for santa clara county. the marine mammal center will carry out an important part of its mission this afternoon. returning animals to the wild. this is pupping season for sea lions and elephant seals. the centers pools are packed.
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today workers will return five elephant seals and a sea lion to monterey bay. the five were rescued at different times last month and locations along the coast. all were malnourished and have been nursed back to health. that will do it for us. our next newscast is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. thanks for watching. have a great day.
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